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These are Inferni's OOC pack policies. Failure to adhere to a given policy may result in minor consequences, ranging from a hold on promotion to outright demotion. Please try to adhere to our policies as best you can -- they are there to help both the leaders and members of Inferni.

Always remember board-wide procedures and rules, too!

Joining Inferni

Inferni welcomes all coyote members eligible for acceptance to the clan. Our Joining Policies page will help you get started, if you're interested in joining us!

Join the Coyotes!

Members of Inferni: Joining Threads

Ravens don't bite... often?!


  1. Only Immunes and above ranked characters may greet newcomers.
  2. Only Level III Rex-titled characters, the Triumvirate, and Legatus ranks may accept newcomers.
  3. Do not reply to joining threads unless you can reply at least once a day.
  4. If another Infernian has already greeted the newcomer, we strongly encourage you not to join the thread for the sake of speediness.

Accepting a Joiner

  • Remember: only Level III-titled characters, the Triumvirate, and Legatus ranks may accept newcomers.
  • Post in the Inferni Maintenance thread if you have accepted a Joiner. We'll take care of the rest!
  • Note that the Inferni leadership reserves the absolute right to reject joiners -- even if a Rex III has accepted a character, the Inferni leadership may overturn their decision.


Advancing rank within Inferni is fairly straightforward and standard! Don't be intimidated by the thought of high rank! Just be prepared to be active and dedicated to the clan and your Inferni character.

Advancement Information


Infernians may settle anywhere on the territory at any time. Please update the residence lists or let us know when you have claimed a residence.


NPCs and Ranks

Most NPCs are moved to the Quintus rank. The exceptions are pNPCs and Open Characters. If your NPC is in the Quintus tier, you can get them promoted by adding a Co-Rank or including them in active roleplay. Just post links to a few threads where the NPC is shown being active and working toward Inferni in our Maintenance thread.

aNPC Status

Inferni does not typically remove NPCs for players currently active on the forums, but aNPCs whose players cannot be contacted for more than two months may be removed from the clan.

Obtaining aNPC Status

cNPC and yNPC Additions

If ranks need to be updated (e.g., if your character got a companion NPC, had puppies, etc.) you must let us know.


Inferni generally has pNPCs available for Inferni roleplayers to use freely in threads. When using a pNPC, make sure:

  1. To read over their profile and play information thoroughly and carefully.
  2. To use them in a way which makes sense for their profile and play information.
  3. To update their relevant Wiki profile with the thread where they appeared OR let us know about the thread.
  4. Adhere to board-wide pNPC procedure.

Otherwise, have fun with the pNPCs! They can be a great way to get some extra work done around Inferni (ever thought about using them in a project?) or even forming friendships for your Inferni characters. We encourage you to make use of our pNPCs, and if you have any suggestions regarding them, please contact us.

Current pNPCs

Offboard "pNPCs"

Please see Offboard pNPCs on Inferni's Wiki pages for further information.

Adoptable Promotions

It's not mandatory -- but it's totally courteous -- to let us know if your adoptable character was just adopted. We often list characters on our pack ranks, if we notice they are adoptable, regardless of whether we're asked to (we like to help you out!) as well as other places on the Inferni Wiki and similar -- so it's nice if you can let us know if you no longer need promotion and we can prioritize another character!