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Inferni's trespassing rules are the same as the board-wide trespassing procedures. However, Inferni encourages minor trespassing incidents by loners and canines of other packs — especially those with coyote prejudice.

Essentially, we do this to key up the wolf hatred in Inferni. After the trespassing rules changed in 2009, Inferni saw a lot less disrespect of its borders. In reality, some wolves probably wouldn't think much at all of crossing coyote borders. If your character is that way, we encourage them to act out on Inferni!

Please read carefully to understand the full scope of this policy.

For Trespassers

Trespassing Guidelines

  • Inferni adheres to board-wide trespassing rules, repeated here for clarity:
    • Your character cannot enter Inferni territory for a long period of time.
    • Your character cannot enter deep into Inferni territory.
    • Your character cannot have a private thread with another non-Inferni character on Inferni packlands.
    • Your character can have a private, planned thread involving at least one Inferni packmember.
    • If your character has prior incidents and Inferni leadership has made it clear they are unwelcome, you must discuss your trespassing incident beforehand.
    • You must mark unplanned trespassing threads as AW.
  • We strongly encourage discussion between the members of a trespassing thread, once it is underway. Figure out what's going to happen with your fellow roleplayers, and it can avoid a lot of issues later on!
  • Your character is realistically disadvantaged. One coyote can call the rest of Inferni, and individual Infernians have a home territory advantage. When your character trespasses, you are essentially agreeing to your character being the loser of the situation.
  • There are IC consequences to trespassing, depending on the degree of trespassing and the Inferni coyote who discovers the trespassing. These consequences include, but are not limited, to: threats, insults, violence, etc. Your pack's leadership typically is not involved.
    • Trespassing incidents without an IC conclusion are always OOCly assumed to have ended bloodlessly. The trespasser is assumed to have left voluntarily.
  • Pack characters, we strongly recommend checking the Active Pack Relationships. If there have been recent trespassing incidents from members of your pack (even if it's not your character!) or even hostility between your character's pack and Inferni, consequences may be more severe. Tip! You can conceal your character's pack standing sometimes. Scented plants, staying away from the pack, and other methods have been used to conceal pack affiliation in 'Souls history. This can keep pack relations cool, while allowing your character's plot!
  • If your character's pack is in Hostile Standing with Inferni, trespassing is not permitted (even with concealment of pack affiliation).

Plots Not Covered by Trespassing Policies

Get off our lawn!

We are not seeking repetitive or long-term plots with packs, groups, or individual characters with this policy. If you want something more than a single or minor incident of your character being a disrespectful jerk or a forgetful airhead, it is not covered by this trespassing policy. Again, these policies are only for single and minor incidents.

Examples of plots not covered by this trespassing policy:

  • A character refuses to leave Inferni even when confronted and attacked. We understand there are characters who would not leave and would begin fighting everyone and everything in order to do what they wanted/felt was best/right. However, this would most likely realistically escalate into a situation where your character is killed. We obviously cannot do that: your character's life/death is yours to decide! We would like to avoid situations where such a paradox would occur.
  • A character returns to Inferni several times over a period of as many months to trespass. Again, as with the character who refuses to leave -- a character who has been given many chances to respect Inferni's territory is more and more likely to be killed with each new event. And again, paradox avoidance is good!
  • A character shows up and trespasses deep to one of Inferni's buildings, setting it on fire. Realistically, this character would not get that far into Inferni before being caught (as per the board-wide trespassing rules). Additionally, we are not okay with such severe unplotted damage!
  • Three played characters, three pNPCs, and three cNPCs hunt in Inferni's forested territory. There are way too many characters involved for this to be considered a minor incident. In general, groups of three or less are okay -- but the more characters are involved, the more likely Inferni will view the trespassing as a serious attack.

The involved parties and the Inferni leadership would need to discuss the outcome of these plots before they begin.

Trespassing Agreement

By trespassing within Inferni, you acknowledge and agree:

  • You have read this document;
  • You intend a minor trespassing incident, as described in this document;
  • Your individual character or small group of trespassers is/are disadvantaged in the face of an entire clan and will leave, be driven off, or forcibly removed from clan territory.

Allowed Trespassing Plot Examples

  • Your character smashes a few skulls. This is okay! Your character is not trespassing deep into Inferni's territory, and we are okay with this specific minor damage to the borders.
  • Your character lurks around the borders for a few weeks. This ain't even trespassing, it's totally cool and creepy!
  • Your character cuts across* Inferni's territory because it is the shortest way to get somewhere. They don't linger, they don't mess with anything, and they are altogether pretty respectful -- except for walking on Inferni's territory, that is! This is totally okay by us -- it shows a sort of indifferent "speciesism" that is likely to make Inferni steam! *NOTE: Your character cannot cross deeply into Inferni, as per the board-wide trespassing rules.

For Inferni Members

In Character Reaction

The aim is to get trespassers to leave and not return. Inferni members are authorized to attack trespassers on sight; however, they are also required to use discretion in the application of violence. Overreaction on the part of your character may incur consequences: attacking a child trespasser, for instance, might result in severe consequences for your character. At the same turn, underreaction can incur consequences. Infernians found allowing trespassers to go about unmolested are not looked upon kindly!

Plots Not Covered by Trespassing Policies

We do not seek to have non-Inferni characters engage Inferni in unwanted plots that upset pack relations or unrealistic plots. The same goes for Inferni members. Speak to the leadership if you plan for your trespassing plot to escalate beyond a minor incident.

If your coyote will become extremely focused on getting revenge on a trespasser, to the point of hunting him on his own pack territory -- yeah, you need to talk to us (and the other roleplayer)! If your character is going to kidnap a trespasser and hold them hostage instead of getting them to leave -- yes, you need to talk to us!