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Legionnaire Crowns

Think of this as a subset of the Catacombs just for Inferni! You can display these in your signature, profile, wherever you'd like. Many are based on the Legionnaire Crown decorations used in the real Roman army!

They are all rather open-ended, though some of them (e.g. the Corona Aurea) are really hard to get. Remember, each crown is worth twenty points for the regular Inferni game, so get on them! If you manage to collect every crown there might even be a bonus for you!




Battle Crowns

Crown Translation Awarded For
Corona Muralis
Crenellated Crown
Being first to draw blood during a fight to protect or defend Inferni (e.g., chasing off a trespasser)
Corona Navalis
Naval Crown
Bravery during a battle on or by the water
Corona Nex Nicis
Murder Crown
Killing an enemy of the clan, either in battle or as a mercenary
Corona Corrixor
Sparring Crown
Spar with at least three separate characters (1v1).
Corona Munire
Fortifying Crown
Fortify Inferni's defenses against an invasion by crafting new weapons, maintaining existing weapons' supplies, or maintaining the archer towers.
Corona Hasta Pura
Spear Crown
Awarded to a "warrior" (may be a literal warrior or a spy, scout, etc) of exceptional skill who has retired from their profession.

Participation Crowns

Crown Translation Awarded For
Corona Graminea
Grass Crown
Saving life of any fellow Inferni member, saving all or a large part of Inferni, or major self-sacrifice to save another member
Corona Civica
Civic Crown
Relations with another pack, either forging (or feigning) an alliance or discovering extremely useful information from one of their members
Corona Vallaris
Valiant Crown
Exceptional defense of the clan territory, through direct engagement or preventative measure
Corona Accola
Neighbor Crown
Visit all of the packs
Corona Limen
Home Crown
Visit all of Inferni's subterritories
Corona Fimbriae
Border Crown
Greet 10 newcomers at Inferni's borders.
Corona Flavus
Yellow Crown
Earn a Co-Rank
Corona Altrix
Nursing Crown
Significantly help out during an advanced medical situation. (ie helping someone give birth, fixing a broken limb, etc.).
Corona Amicus
Friendship Crown
Participate in a thread with at least two other pack-members where there is drinking, singing, story or joke-telling involved.
Corona Sacerdotalis
Sacrifice Crown
Prove your loyalty to Inferni by committing a great sacrifice for the clan, at the expense of the clanmember. This should be religious or spiritual in nature and involve giving up something to demonstrate one's loyalty and obedience to the clan.

Membership Crowns

Crown Translation Awarded For
Corona Ferrum
Iron Crown
Membership in Inferni for 3 years
Corona Aurea
Golden Crown
Membership in Inferni for 2 years
Corona Argentarius
Silver Crown
Membership in Inferni for 1 year
Corona Pyropus
Bronze Crown
Membership in Inferni for 6 months
Corona Consilium
Council Crown
Hold a rank in the Triumvirate (council) for 3 months
Corona Hyacintho
Blue Crown
Earn the Rex Level III.