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Inferni Leadership information -- including contact information, preferred contact methods, and Leader characters' general demeanor. Feel free to contact any leaders of Inferni any questions regarding Inferni! We're here to help you out.

Contact Information

Thanks for helping us out by adhering to our contact preferences! It helps us to remain organized. Leadership is a big task, and any little bit you can do to help us out is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your cooperation.

Contact Inferni's Leaders

Contact Preferences

  • General requests, maintenance: Post in the Inferni Maintenance thread.
  • Questions, conversation, private contact: Private Message the Inferni Pack account.
  • Urgent messages: Private Message one of us individually.
    • Please use discretion as to an item's urgency. We can't deal with everything immediately, so if it's just maintenance or a question, please submit elsewhere. Thanks!
  • No 'Souls account: You can always e-mail us. We can be reached via e-mail at

Contact Guidelines

  • Again, if you are PMing: please PM us on the Inferni pack account. Both of us can check this account and it will result in the fastest response. Thank you!
  • If you are PMing or e-mailing us, please give the subject of your PM or e-mail a descriptive subject. "Dropping my Inferni character" and "A question about Immunes title advancement" are much better subjects than "hey" and "a question."
  • Please review your submission for clarity and errors. It saves time later!


Vicira Tears

Born a meek and scholarly daughter to Inferni's previous leaders, Myrika and Vesper, Vicira was changed by war and eventually hardened into the pragmatic Aquila who leads today. She sometimes comes across as aloof or cold, but she is extremely passionate and prideful of her clan. Sometimes what's best for Inferni means making tough decisions -- something Vici has no problem with.

Vici keeps quarters in Inferni's caverns, though she can frequently be found tending to the clan's horses. She is always open for threads!


Yarr, I'm a Raze! I'm not neaaarly as crusty as Inferni, but I have a crusty soul if it counts?? I am a member of the 'Souls Assemblage, too -- feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Inferni or all of 'Souls! :D



Fang Espinoza

Fang joined Inferni with the original group of Cenizan coyotes in 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks as a promising healer and warrior. Known for her diligent frown and not-so-secret relationship with Vesper, the previous Aquila, she has been involved in most IF plots since then until her promotion by Vicira as one of her first acts as Aquila.

For the most part, the Centurion can be found helping Vicira in day-to-day tasks or with Vesper. She still helps others by acting as a healer when she can but she's taken on more of a organizational role than she's had before.


Hi! I'm Dread. I've been around 'Souls off and on since 2012. I was briefly IF's ooc manager in 2013 until I had to step down due to real life issues. I came back strong in 2015 and toward the end of 2016, I was offered a leadership role in IF on an OOC capacity since I didn't currently have an IC character who could assume the role as a leader. That changed in later 2017 when my character Fang was promoted to Centurion after the war with Salsola. Feel free to message me any time, even if it's just to talk.


Legatus Promotion

The Legatus ranks are least about post count. In order to become a leader in Inferni:

  • You must show long-term activity and dedication to the clan.
  • You must be helpful and make yourself useful to Inferni members, leadership, and 'Souls members in general.
  • You should engage in In Character plotting with other members, greeting newcomers and helping them get settled into Inferni after they are accepted.

Note that the 'Souls Assemblage approves all leadership promotions in the game. See the Pack Formation topic for further infromation regarding leadership criteria.

Aquila History

Leaders of Inferni
Year 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Yasu Zarah (2002)
Kaena Lykoi (2002–2005, 2007)
Arlo Xyl (2002–2004)
Kidorah Talik (2004)
Segodi Mogotsi (2004–2006)
Roane Kinsella (2006)
Gabriel de le Poer (2008–2011)
Ezekiel de le Poer (2011–2012)
Myrika Tears (2012–2015)
Vesper (2015–current)