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Thread Prompts

Thread prompts are intended to promote activity and get Inferni members to know one another. These thread prompts rotate monthly and repeat yearly. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts! Each month, there is a specialty prompt relating to one rank or co-rank of Inferni (with a few general bonuses, too).


You can earn up to 65 (sixty-five!) game points per month via the thread prompts.

  • Points count toward the Inferni Game.
  • Complete a thread prompt for ten (10) points.
  • Complete all four basic prompts and receive an extra fifteen (15) points.
  • Specialty prompts do not count toward bonuses -- it's simply an extra ten points if you complete them.


  1. Thread Completion Rules apply to the prompts.
  2. Use of NPCs is allowed; however, RO threads are disqualified from collecting prompt points: you must actively engage another roleplayer.
  3. Late completion is generally not an issue, but try to finish your threads in a timely manner. If you start it at the end of the month and it takes you another month and a half to complete it, it's fine. If it's six months late, not so fine!

Thread Prompts

Basic Prompts

  • In the wake of the harsh winter, Inferni has been a little bit on the glum side. Let's get that coyote spirit burning again! Gather around a fire, share the warmth, swap some stories. Perhaps try your hand at some fire-dancing, or get a fresh new look with some Cenizan ash markings!
  • Heavy rains and snowmelt have led to flooding in parts of Inferni's territory. The Yawrah River floodplains have expanded, and the Haunted Forest is even more of a bog than usual! There are ways to take advantage of this: fishing, bathing... unorthodox mud wrestling?
  • Greenery is beginning to spring up in the dead lands, and with it many little critters are flourishing! Have a thread where your coyote hunts small prey such as mice, rock voles, showshoe hares, shrews, or chipmunks!
  • All weapons need maintenance; a malfunction at the wrong time can result in injury. Find a whetstone for your blade, or replace a frayed bowstring. Take stock of our weapon stores!

Specialty Prompts

  • pNPC Spotlight: This month, all our current pNPCs get the spotlight for our pNPC Contest! Every completed thread with an NPC will net you 10 points!