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Thread Prompts

Thread prompts are intended to promote activity and get Inferni members to know one another. These thread prompts rotate monthly and repeat yearly. Check back at the beginning of next month for a new set of thread prompts! Each month, there is a specialty prompt relating to one rank or co-rank of Inferni (with a few general bonuses, too).


You can earn up to 65 (sixty-five!) game points per month via the thread prompts.

  • Points count toward the Inferni Game.
  • Complete a thread prompt for ten (10) points.
  • Complete all four basic prompts and receive an extra fifteen (15) points.
  • Specialty prompts do not count toward bonuses -- it's simply an extra ten points if you complete them.


  1. Thread Completion Rules apply to the prompts.
  2. Use of NPCs is allowed; however, RO threads are disqualified from collecting prompt points: you must actively engage another roleplayer.
  3. Late completion is generally not an issue, but try to finish your threads in a timely manner. If you start it at the end of the month and it takes you another month and a half to complete it, it's fine. If it's six months late, not so fine!

Thread Prompts

Basic Prompts

  • Do you wanna build a snowyote? It doesn't have to be a snowyote ♪ It's a bonus if you use your icy construct to trick someone! ;)
  • An elk herd wanders through the southern portion of our territory -- the first large prey Inferni has seen in weeks. Team up with some other coyotes to bring some down, or have a thread revolving around butchering or skinning the elk!
  • With the dogs gone, Concrete Jungle has become easier to explore. Not much remains after the fires and years of scavenging, but perhaps the squatters left some valuables behind.
  • The mountainous terrain allows for perfect echoes~! Go yell your love (or someone else's love) to someone/thing and hear "them" yell back!

Specialty Prompts

  • Inferni Village: Our construction project for a little village is underway -- but oops, stuff keeps going wrong! Does your character's tent collapse under the snow or get blown away by wind? Do you fall off a roof, or does a hammer fall on your foot?