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Rex Titles

Rex Titles are affixed to the end of one's regular rank (e.g., a Civilis who completes the first title challenge is a Civilis I). Titles grant extra duties and responsibilities; they are entirely non-mandatory. However, they are a fun way to challenge your character and an added bonus to Inferni's ranks!


  • Rex Titles must be re-earned if your character leaves Inferni.
  • A coyote can only hold one title at a time. After earning the Rex II title, the Rex I title is discarded. Your character keeps their earned bonuses, however!
  • Rex titles are available to Immunes-ranked coyotes and Evocati above seven months of age.
  • You must claim the Rex titles in order -- e.g., you cannot claim Rex II until you have claimed Rex I. However, the challenges can be made at any time. Example Your coyote hasn't yet earned the necessary co-rank for Rex I. However, they have an opportunity to greet a joiner -- a challenge for Rex II. Your coyote does not have to wait until they earned Rex I to fulfill this challenge. After your coyote gets their co-rank and earns Rex I, they can submit the joiner greeting thread toward Rex II.

Rex I

Icon Challenges Reward
  • IC: Rex I collar.
  • 50 game points.
Rex I Collar Bonus

Show your collar with pride!

The Rex I collar is a custom-crafted leather collar for your character, complete with protective spikes driven through the leather. It's the perfect protection for a Lupus-form coyote! Parts of the collars leather have been dyed with red streaks, signifying an Infernian item!

The collar certainly isn't mandatory wear -- it's just a gift given to your character for achieving something within Inferni. It can inform other Inferni coyotes what your character has achieved, though -- a good thing for the ambitious coyote!

Rex II

  • Choice:
    • Greet two joiners
    • OR recruit one member
    • OR have a choice of three threads in the following subjects...
      • ... with eligible non-Infernian coyotes and hybrids, about Inferni. Example: Positive threads! E.g., why it's good Inferni exists, why they might want to join, etc.
      • ... where your character engages in direct "coyote supremacy." Example: Your character is mean to a wolf just because they're a wolf or talks about how much better coyotes are just because.
  • AND add a plant, animal, or item to Inferni's communal stores.

    Example Challenges

    • Your character captures a wild horse.
  • IC: Rex II toolbelt.
  • 75 game points.
Rex II Toolbelt Bonus

Silly coyote! You're supposed to wear it in Optime!

The Rex II toolbelt is a leather toolbelt crafted and fitted for your Infernian character. It has several slots for tools, places where small leather pouches can be attached, and is an all-around useful item for carrying and keeping! The toolbelt also has streaks of red dyed into the leather to give it that extra Infernian flair.

As with the collar, Infernians aren't required to wear their toolbelt. It's a clear In Character signal of prestige, however, and ambitious coyotes may want to wear their belts frequently to enforce their status within Inferni!


  • Earn a second Co-Rank
  • Contribute to a major project, plot, or other large improvement. Note: Your character should participate in at least two threads for the plot or project.

    Example Challenges

    • Your character participates in an Inferni-wide plot.
    • You create a mini-plot (3 total threads, 2 of which your character participates in) to improve (or add to) the Inferni stables.
Rex III Custom Bonus
  • The bonus pay includes large or high-value items from Inferni's plants, Storage, or Livestock -- or items obtained from local traders, even! For example: a well-trained horse, a good blade, etc. Your character can request something of the leaders! Let us know what you want and we'll try to have our characters or another Infernian obtain it.
  • The Level III bonus is claimable once.
  • Your character can claim it at any point after they become a Level III Immunes.
  • Post in the Inferni Maintenance thread with:
    • The Thread Submission form.
    • The object your character desires.
    • The date you earned the Level III ranking, if you are not submitting your request for a gift alongside your Level III submission.