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Rank Descriptions

Inferni's ranks are simple: there are only fifteen regular ranks in the clan, five of which are not usually attained outside of special circumstances (e.g., leadership and elderly/youth rank). The heart of Inferni's ranks is the Immunes tier. The bulk of Inferni's coyotes are ranked here in one of six broad "career" ranks.

For information about moving up in the ranks, see the Advancement page. Inferni's hierarchy and promotions are pretty simple and based on activity!

Legatus (Leaders)

The Legatus ranks are the leaders of Inferni, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the clan (both IC and OOC). For information about being promoted to the Legatus, see the Leadership page.
Rank Explanation Long Description
Aquila Alpha The Aquila is the first in command, solely responsible for running Inferni. The Aquila decides ranks, settles disputes, and upkeeps clan morale, among other duties. S/he acts as a general of Inferni during battle. The Aquila is the absolute word of law within Inferni.
Centurion Beta The Centurion is the second in command, responsible for assisting the Aquila. When the Aquila is incapacitated or away, the Centurion assumes leadership until his/her return, and upon an Aquila's death or departure, the Centurion typically assumes permanent leadership.
Praetorian Gamma The clan's third in command, generally more low-profile than the Aquila and Centurion. This tertiary leader serves as the eyes and the ears of the Legatus, and directly assists the Centurion. The Praetorian generally remains in close contact with the Sciens ranks.

Triumvirate (Council)

The Triumvirate are long-standing members of Inferni who help the leadership guide the clan. Members of the Triumvirate are typically well-established in Inferni, with strong skills in their chosen pursuits. Triumvirate members have shown dedication to Inferni: a character must be in good standing for Triumvirate promotion.
Rank Explanation Long Description
Magister Advisor, Guardian, Elder Coyotes ranked as Magister serve as guardians and advisors to coyotes in Inferni. They provide advice and counsel to all, though they may be found at the leadership's side frequently, too. Magisters are typically outgoing and well-respected amongst the Inferni coyotes.
Regulus Commander, Manager Regulus-ranked coyotes are commanders not only in battle but in the day-to-day operations of Inferni. They ensure things get done and done well. Regulus-ranked canines are typically bold and harsh -- they may be disliked, but Reguluses get the job done.
Bellator Warrior, Knight, Soldier Bellator-ranked coyotes are the expert warriors of Inferni. They serve as protectors and defenders of the clan first and foremost. Bellators are typically well-trained and well-tested in fights -- they may not be outgoing or friendly, but they seek to defend Inferni with their strength.

Immunes (Trained Specialists)

The Immunes ranks are, again, very broad. One rank may cover a great number of different duties (e.g., Sanitas or Mercatura). In no way is your coyote expected to be good at all of these things! The idea is to find the best fit of the six ranks for your coyote -- whatever they like to do best, whatever their specialty is. It definitely falls under one of these six ranks!

Bellum Warriors and War Preparation Canines of the Bellum rank specialize in war-making: whether a warrior or an archer, canines of the Bellum tier prioritize Inferni's defenses and protection. Bellum-ranked coyotes who don't directly serve in combat include weapon-makers and those who maintain Inferni's archery stands and training grounds.
Sanitas Health, Plants, Growth The Sanitas rank provides a place for canines who advance the health and healing of Infernians. This includes those who tend the gardens and foragers of wild plants, cooks and bakers, hunters and fishers, and even trappers. Sanitas-ranked canines provide valuable service to Inferni.
Fera Livestock, Animals, Gear Fera-ranked coyotes work with the livestock: from horses to sheep to ravens, Inferni has no shortage of livestock requiring care. Coyotes who work this rank may specialize in shepherding or simply repairing horse gear: a broad number of animal-tending and animal-related skills are acceptable under the Fera rank.
Civilis Community and Social The Civilis rank includes everything that has to do with other canines and the community -- from trading to tattooing to keeping Inferni's history. Those who serve here are generally outgoing and extroverted types, and they help to hold the coyotes' community together and promote Infernian ideals.
Mercatura Goods, Items, and Production Mercatura canines specialize in goods of all sorts: from fabric to metal to leather to wood, these are the craftsman, artisans, and laborers of Inferni. Anything that includes creating or procuring goods for Inferni or individual coyotes within Inferni can be found beneath the Mercatura rank.
Sciens Tactical and Scouting Sciens are the tactically-minded canines of Inferni: scouts, spies, diplomats, planners. Sciens' duties include scouting the borders and remaining abreast of other packs' news. Sciens may remain abreast of Inferni's territory or patrol well beyond the borders -- in either case, they keep the leadership informed on the world and the canines in it.

Tirones (Subordinates)

The Tirones ranks are the starting and lower ranks of the pack. Puppies, newcomers, and those with lower activity will find themselves amongst the Tirones ranks.
Evocati Protected Class: Youths, Elderly, Disabled The Evocati ranks consist of canines considered too old, too young, or otherwise incapable of serving Inferni (e.g., the disabled, puppies of less than 7 months, and elderly veterans). This is a life without any true duty, although Evocati with experience are expected to share their counsel with other Infernians.
Tirones Subordinates and Newcomers All new Infernians serve as Tirones subordinates. Tirones-ranked canines are expected to assist Immunes-ranked canines in their duties and prove their usefulness and helpfulness to Inferni.
Quintus Omegas See Policies > NPCs for more information regarding NPCs ranked here.
The Quintus coyotes are low-ranking adults. This rank is not a punishment; a Quintus-ranked coyote has not always committed wrongs. However, coyotes ranked as Quinuts are typically long-term members who aren't extremely proactive regarding Inferni and its projects.
Outsider Non-Coyotes See Culture > Outsiders.