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The key to Inferni's ranking system is flexibility. If you want to go for a lot of "baubles and bits" and you like having specific directions for your character -- you'll love our Co-Ranks and the Rex Titles. If you don't care at all about any of this, you'll find Inferni's lax ranking system to your taste.

Parts of Inferni's Rank System

Inferni's rank system is small but extremely flexible. In addition to the small, basic ranks, there are a vast number of Co-Ranks and three optional titles to earn. Whether you're not concerned with rank or if you want your character to perform a lot of different jobs, Inferni can suit your preference!

Example Inferni Career

Azazel the coyote joins and picks one of Inferni's six broad ranks. Because he's very outgoing and sociable type, the Civilis Immunes rank is an obvious choice.

OPTIONAL: Azazel pursues Co-Ranks related to specific jobs he wants to do. He selects the Stablehand and Groom Co-Ranks (even though those two Co-Ranks are Fera, it doesn't matter because any coyote can have any Co-Rank).

OPTIONAL: Azazel achieves the Rex I title, and begins working toward the Rex II title.

Ranks (Required)

Inferni has a subordinate rank for all newcomers (Tirones). After some time (usually about a month) ranked as a Tirones, your coyote will be promoted into the Immunes ranks. In the Immunes ranks, your coyote is given a rank according to your choice.

The Immunes ranks are broad and "career" based. The ranks offer very broad pursuits -- everyone fits into one of Inferni's six ranks somewhere. In this part of the hierarchy, a coyote can retain their chosen rank as they move up through the hierarchy (i.e., as they are promoted over other coyotes).

There aren't ranks to move through, tiers, or pathways. You don't have to have specific threads to switch your rank or advance in Inferni's hierarchy. It's all about activity!

Ranks Information

Your Immunes Ranks Choice (Flexibility)

In the Immunes ranks, your coyote is given a rank according to your choice. Your choice can be made you made when you first join -- or after, whatever your preference is. Otherwise, if you don't choose by the time you're an Immunes, the leaders will rank you where it makes the most sense.

Your character can keep the same rank throughout their time in the Immunes tier. Or not: you can also switch ranks by requesting a swap (no threads or action required on your part -- just ask). There's nothing wrong with switching your character's broad rank -- either as a one-time thing, or regularly!


Magister Regulus Bellator
Bellum Sanitas Fera Civilis Mercatura Sciens

Immunes Display on The Ranks Table (Hierarchy)

On the ranks table, the Immunes tier's display is sometimes confusing. Immunes-ranked coyotes are organized according to their position in the hierarchy. An individual's roleplaying activity determines their position on in the hierarchy (and thus, their position on the ranks table).

This is true for only the Immunes tier. Two coyotes ranked in the Triumvirate, for example, are equals even if one is listed above the other on the ranks table. Similarly, all coyotes ranked Evocati, Tirones, or Quintus are at the same position in the hierarchy. These coyotes are not organized and arranged by activity.

Co-Ranks (Optional)

The Co-Rank system, on the other hand, is very large (almost 100 Co-Ranks large!). Each Co-Rank is a fairly specific job. The Co-Ranks are intertwined with the ranks system. Each Co-Rank is categorized according to its broad Ranks "career." Coyotes aren't limited in their Co-Ranks, however -- any coyote may take any Co-Rank, and coyotes may have unlimited Co-Ranks!

If you like having a lot of specific things for your character to do, pursuing a lot of Co-Ranks will definitely suit your fancy!

Co-Ranks Information

Rex Titles (Optional)

The Rex Titles system is an optional bauble. Your character can earn three successive levels by performing specific tasks. These titles are completely optional, but you do earn a number of prizes (both IC and OOC) and some prestige for competing.

Rex Titles Information


To sum it all up: Inferni's ranking system is flexible and provides a lot of options, most of which are just that -- totally optional. Don't feel forced into anything. Especially at first in Inferni, don't stress too much about ranks. Get comfortable in Inferni and revisit this page later, when you're more acquainted with Inferni!