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Feel free to display these in your profile or signature, or even on your personal website. Keep supporting Inferni, guys! :)

If you're a member of other forums, if it's okay by their rules, you can always throw a link to 'Souls or even this website in your signature! Your profile works too, but your signature's better because more people will see it. Text links are good, but if you'd like to display some image pride, feel free to link to these images.

Right click and use that URL to paste them. Direct linking is allowed!

Special Adoptable Promotion Images

Adoptable Rotator

This neat little guy has multiple 88x31 badges for adoptables in Inferni! Wear it to promote our many adoptables. :) See the Wiki for more information about how to add your adoptable to the rotator.

<a href="//"><img src="//"></a>

Featured Adoptable

We encourage Inferni members to wear this badge in their signature. When there's a new Featured Adoptable chosen for the clan, we'll update this image! That way, all members of the clan can help us promote our adoptables! How great is that?

You can link to the featured character's Wiki, but the default code just links to all adoptables in Inferni's Member Directory. If you leave this link alone, you won't need to update the link!




<a href="//"><img src="/public/images/featured_adoptable.png"></a>
<a href="//"><img src="/public/images/featured_adoptable_sm.png"></a>

Desktop Backgrounds

None at the moment! Remember that you can earn Game points for creating Inferni pride!

80x15 Buttons

50x50 Buttons

100x100 Buttons

88x31 Buttons

400x100 Banners

468x60 Banners

Various Sized Images

Other Pride

Eterna Ignis, a poem by Daniel