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The game is a fun way to encourage posting and relevant in character plots (not to mention the shiny prizes you can get)! There are all kinds of ways to earn points, and you can start earning points the second you join up with the clan!

Submit all game-relevant things Inferni Maintenance thread.

Questions? Check the Thread Completion page for a handy FAQ! If your question still is not answered, contact a Leader, please.

Standard Points

There are tons of ways you can earn points in Inferni. It's really not all about the word counts; people often seem to forget it's very easy to update the Wiki or even just act in your Immunes rank job!

Posting Rewards


3 points300+ word post
5 points500+ word post
10 points1000+ word post*
* For posts exceeding 1000 words, players may count each additional 300 words as 3 points. For example, a 1952 word post would be worth 19 points.


15 points Highest cumulative post count within a given month.
10 points Second highest cumulative post count within a given month.
5 points Third highest cumulative post count within a given month.


Start OR reply to an AW thread in (select area). Replying counts for the first reply; points are NOT awarded for each subsequent reply.
2 points Inferni's claimed territory
5 points the neutral territories

In Character Points


5 points
  • Have a thread where your character engages in "coyote supremacy."** Example: Your character is mean to a wolf just because they're a wolf or talks about how much better coyotes are just because.
  • Spy on another pack. This requires interaction with another roleplayer: read only threads don't count.**
  • Learn the clan's origins and history.
  • Find a skull (wolf or not) and put it up on the borders. Paint it, too!
  • Attend to the Drifter Bay horse herd.
  • Feed the Inferni ravens.
  • Perform repairs on or camouflage the archery stands.
  • Be the parent of on-board puppies <25% coyote.
10 points
  • Practice fighting or scouting abilities.
  • Add an animal to either the Bay Horses or Communal Animals.
  • Plant something in the Greenhouse or add something to the Storage.
  • Get another pack's member to divulge information about their pack.**
  • Use your characters' Immunes skills.** Note: If your character is not yet Immunes-ranked, have them act out duties associated with your desired rank.
  • Use your co-rank in a thread. **
  • Be the parent of on-board puppies 25-50% coyote.
15 points
  • Thread with a character in a good or allied pack as listed in our Relations information.**
  • Win a fight.**
  • Be the parent of on-board puppies >50% coyote.

** Completion Rules apply.


10 points each Earn an IC Catacomb for your Infernian.
15 points each Earn a Co-Rank.
20 points each Earn a Legionnaire crown.
75 points Earn every Legionnaire crown.
75 points Visit every territory in 'Souls.

Out of Character Points


50 points Recruit a member to Inferni.
75 points Join Inferni with an Open Character.
100 points Recruit a member to Inferni who picks up an Open Character.
150 points Join Inferni with our Featured Adoptable character.

Inferni Community

2+ points each Create pack pride images. Note: These are “judged” on a case by case basis. We do not discriminate based on quality, but obviously an intricate art piece of all the Inferni members is going to receive more points than a button for the Pride page! 2 points is the minimum and is the amount generally rewarded for all pride-page-type button images. :)
5 points Reply to a Thread Request made by or requesting an Inferni member.
5 points
  • Participate in a pack contest.
  • Submit your art to our Art Gallery.
10 points Updating any of the pages listed on the Inferni Links Hub on the Wiki.
20 points Win a pack contest.

'Souls Community

3 points
10 points Participate in a board-wide plot or contest.
25 points Win Community or Spotlight Soul with your Inferni character.

'Souls Promotion

1 point Vote AND post in the Voting Thread. Earn a chain bonus of 10 points for every five consecutive days you post and vote.
5 points Post a 'Souls advertisement on another RPG game with an Inferni Pride button or banner attached.

Other Ways to Earn

Thread Prompts

Monthly thread prompts promote activity and encourage IC and OOC interaction between Infernians!

Inferni's Thread Prompts

Legionnaire Crowns

Inferni has its own awesome set of Catacombs -- and there's a game point bonus!

Legionnaire Crowns

Adoptable Promotion

Earn points for promoting Inferni adoptables! Your art, your plots, and your love all count!

Inferni's Adoptables

Wiki Updates

Inferni loves the 'Souls Wiki, and so should you! Check out the Cross-Pack Wiki Game!

Cross-Pack Wiki Game


Inferni often has contests and other fun plots where you can earn game points just for participating in threads. See a list of our past specialites on the Wiki -- and check the announcement box or follow us on Twitter to stay alert of any new contests, plots, or specialties!


100 points
  • A graphical set (avatar, signature, and table) made by one of our leaders.
  • Purchase the next rotation of our Featured Adoptable for your adoptable.
  • Edit OR transfer an existing title OR icon.
  • Custom one-word title, Inferni color fade , three months.
200 pointsCustom three-word title, Inferni color fade, three months.
300 pointsCustom icon, three months.
500 pointsPermanent custom title.
575 pointsPermanent wolf-skull icon. These are a few options, but you can choose your own color!
650 pointsPermanent custom icon.