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Inferni Chat

Want to get to know Inferni members and have a place to plot, ask questions, and generally goof around? You might be interested in our Inferni Discord Chat!

The chat provides Inferni members (or prospective members) a place to discuss plots and threads, ask questions of leadership, and hang out with other players; it’s a great place to make OOC connections and friends! The leadership sometimes uses the chat as a way to gauge our member-base’s reaction to future plot ideas, too -- so you can shape the future of the clan!

How to Join

Inferni’s group chat is hosted on Discord, so you’ll need to create a Discord account and either download the app or use it in-browser to chat. There are all sorts of fun things you can do on Discord not limited to challenging other players to a mock text based battle to saying hello to other IF members. You can even share cool, gifs and images with the rest of the pack

If you’d like to join Inferni chat, contact leadership via Discord by joining the 'Souls RPG discord chat and and we’ll send you an invitation!

Members Only

Inferni's chat is for current Inferni members only! However, we do allow two exceptions:

  • Prospective members may join the chat so they can ask questions and get a head start on plots. Those who have not joined within a month will be removed.
  • aNPCed members may be permitted to stay.

Removal from the pack will result in removal from the chat room as well.

Inferni Chat Rules

We do have a few rules you are agreeing to by using Inferni chat. Breaking any of Inferni chat’s rules may result in the offending member being kicked from chat, either temporarily or indefinitely.

In addition, 'Souls RPG's boardwide rules apply. Harassment, drama, disrespect, etc. will not be tolerated and will be reported to the administration.

  1. Please keep discussions PG-13 and community-friendly!
    • Swearing, innuendo, and dirty jokes are permitted as long as they are not explicit or intended to offend another member. Excessive use of crude or bad language and vulgar content may result in a kick from chat.
    • Please refrain from discussing heavy themes (e.g., suicide, abuse). We have players of all ages and backgrounds in the chat, and we want to avoid upsetting or triggering conversaiton. If you feel the need to vent, please privately IM a friend or use the Open Letters.
    • Regardless of whether it's deemed appropriate by broader chat rules, if someone is uncomfortable with the mature content being discussed, please respect their wishes.
  2. Discussions revolving around characters, plots, and other IC themes should be relevant to Inferni.
    • Talking about non-IF packs and characters is fine if it is in passing/a small amount, but the overall theme of this chat is to promote Inferni, its plots, and its players; if you are extensively discussing IC events/participants that have nothing to do with this, please take it to a private IM or the respective pack chat instead.
    • For example:
      OK: Alice tells Bob that she started a thread for their CdM characters.
      Not OK: Alice plans a full thread with Bob between their CdM characters, and solicits others for threads involving a CdM plot.

      OK: Bob regales the chat with an amusing anecdote about his SL character, Jackal. When someone expresses interest in Jackal's adoptable cNPC, Bob encourages them to IM him privately about it.
      Not OK: Bob talks about his SL character and plots extensively, advertises his SL adoptables, and talks about how everyone needs an SL character.
    • This rule does not cover OOC or RL topics of discussion, but we do have a caveat (see below).
  3. Inferni-related discussion takes precedence over other topics.
    • We don't mind conversation about various topics even if they're unrelated to 'Souls -- part of Inferni chat's purpose is bonding, after all! -- but if someone is attempting to make conversation related to Inferni characters, plots, etc., please pause and allow them to do so.
    • For example:
      Jim and Jane are discussing Game of Thrones when Bob comes into Inferni chat. Bob wants to brainstorm co-rank ideas for his characters. Jim and Jane should take their GoT discussion to private IM so that it doesn't disrupt Bob's Inferni-relevant discussion.
  4. No spam allowed in the general chat. If you feel you must spam, please move to the pun room.
    • The posting of multiple pictures, unrelated videos, or other content may be seen as spam if it disrupts conversation and overloads the chat. Links to pictures and videos are fine so long as they are relevant and not numerous. Otherwise please post them in the Puns channel. Please be mindful of those browsing from mobile or with a slow connection.
    • Additionally, no mature media allowed. Swearing is permitted, but warn others before linking videos that contain any mature language.
  5. Make bad puns at your own risk. ;)