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The coyote and hybrid clan Inferni stakes a wide claim; it stretches from the mixed forest and bubbling streams of the Dampwoods, across the low flatlands and rolling hills of the Waste, to the pine forest and stark coasts of Drifter Bay. Settled along the breathtaking Bay of Fundy coast, the coyote territory is marked by tall prairie grasses, solitary glacial boulders, and a few crumbling human structures. Most distinct is the coyote's border decor. Wolf skulls dangle from the trees in the east and perch on pikes in the west. The grim visual markers declare the coyote borders and serve as warning to would-be trespassers.

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Inferni's Maps

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Territories and Subterritories

Drifter Bay

Great Village

Just north-east of the lake and along a narrow, desolate road lays Great Village, announced by a weather-beaten sign. Perhaps once great, most of it has fallen to ruin -- the westernmost parts of the town have sunken thanks to lack of maintenance on the dykes surrounding the town. Some buildings are visible only up to their windows, their construction warped twisted to the will of the earth itself. There are few worthy of inspection for scavenged goods and fewer still worthy of occupation, but prey animals take up residence in the shattered remnants of buildings.

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A twisted copse of trees rises from the Waste, seemingly out of place in the otherwise flat land. At the center of this copse sits a large charred stump. Scars and markings decorate the stump, and the wood itself is black ash stained dirty maroon, hinting to old blood. Carved into the trunks of the living trees standing watch over the area are strange, indecipherable markings of unknown origin. Inferni's ravens typically take roost in Ravenswrest.

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Sal Palus

A small peninsula makes up Titanstretch, marshy and smelling strongly of salt. The gentler coasts of Hades Beach and Charon's Landing become even steeper and more foreboding along Titanstretch; the current here is treacherous at best. During the low tide, great mudflats stretch out into the receding bay water, sometimes trapping creatures unfortunate enough to attempt passage through the muck.

The Waystation

The Waystation was a former underground military base. Almost entirely underground, the bunker is well-hidden on a hillside by a stand of new growth. The bunker's opening is just barely large enough for a small car to haven driven through, though the downward passage promptly narrows to just a person's width. Though the door no longer functions automatically, the coyotes propped it open with a pair of logs. An inner door still seals off the underground bunker.

While no sprawling complex, there are several rooms, including barracks, a communications center, a mess hall, and central command room. All but the last are cramped, with low ceilings and close walls. The central room has a high ceiling and seems almost an open space -- if not for the bare, jagged rock face walls. It is very, very dark within The Waystation -- a pile of torches sits by the entrance, allowing any would-be explorers light for their journey.

The Waste

Grimwell Caverns

Grimwell Caverns

Nestled between Hades Beach and the D'Neville Mansion, the Grimwell Caverns are another place for Infernians to make their home. Coyotes are welcome to stake out any of the many caves within this area, though residents are well-advised to steer clear of the many flood-prone caves within the Grimwell system.

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Riparian Moors

Drifter Bay

The rolling plains of the Waste are prettiest around this curve of the River Acheron. Well-watered and frequented by all manner of grazing animals, the peaceful meadow at the heart of Inferni is quite relaxing. During summer nights, the crickets are close to thunderous in volume, sounding through the grasses with their chirping.

Hades Beach

Hades Beach

Hades Beach is a long, narrow inlet of the Bay of Fundy that extends deep into Inferni's territory. Though the beach is comparatively calm, the water is still very deep and treacherous in many places. The shoreline itself is hardly picturesque; most of the coast here is rocky and unforgiving. The soil is pebbly and grainy, and contains more rocks then sand. The Bay of Fundy's tides are extremely apparent here: the tidal range is quite wide.

Charon's Landing

Bass River

Charon's Landing is a former rural community that has since decayed save for the few buildings made of stone. While the farms have since gone, their production remains; strawberries, blueberries, and pine trees grow in once-organized rows, now gone wild. There are numerous amounts of wild sheep that are hardier than their more domesticated cousins, some of which have since been captured and penned in a reclaimed farm.

Though the coast is rocky and foreboding, an intrepid explorer might find an abundance of clams within the surf. A crumbling lighthouse, its roof collapsed and its innards exposed to the elements, lingers near that daring members can investigate.

Hera's Stairway

A former hiking trail winds through the foothills of the mountain. Some of the pines and ironwoods still bear a faded red trunk ring, embedded deep into the old bark. The stairs, however, are the clearest evidence of the old path. Steps are deep-cut directly into stone in places where it is bared. In other places, the stairs consist of old logs, half-buried by dirt.

Together these steps meander through the lowlands before descending into the lowermost reaches of Halcyon Mountains. Although the trail continues well beyond Inferni's borders, before the ring of skulls a small plateau provides a beautiful view over Inferni and the Waste. A small, shallow cave provides shelter and solitude in this far corner of Inferni.

Strandline Coast

This stark coast sits on the opposite shore of the Grimwell Caverns in the southernmost arm of Inferni's territory. Although the caverns are clearly visible on a clear day, swimming the channel is ill-advised -- even in low tide, the currents are powerful, and can sweep a coyote off their feet with ease. So, too, does the stark coastline prevent easy crossing. Rocky outcroppings and sheer drops make up the "beach" here. Inland, some growth has returned to the burned lands: English Oaks and the grasses of the Waste are growing again. Separate from Inferni proper, a coyote can easily find some solitude on this part of the territory.

The Dampwoods

The D'Neville Mansion

D'Neville Mansion

The D'Neville Mansion is nestled in the thick of the forest, evidence of its human owners desire for privacy and seclusion. Lined by a wrought-iron fence covered in Honeysuckle, sprawling gardens bloom wildly in the summer. Nestled amongst this greenery is the massive -- albeit slowly crumbling -- building where many coyotes of Inferni choose to make their home.

D'Neville Mansion Wiki D'Neville Mansion Map D'Neville Chapel Map

The Forest of Nod

The Forest of Nod

The clan’s claim within the Dampwoods is where the majority of white-tailed deer within Inferni can be found, traveling along the three streams that provide sources of water. Like much of the Dampwoods, the mixed deciduous and pine forest here is frequently covered with a low-hanging fog. A large number of small creeks wind their way through the woods, eventually ending up at one of Inferni's three larger streams.

In the spring of 2012, with the Boreas Conflict's threat to Inferni, four archery stands were constructed in the trees of the Dampwoods, concealed by plant material and interwoven branches.

Aquila's Tree

A massive and ancient Red Oak stands almost smack on the border of Inferni, deep within the Dampwoods. While the tree is not exceptionally tall, it stands over those around it -- and provides an excellent view out into the forest and back into Inferni's territory. The tree is easy climbing thanks to low-hanging limbs, bent and swayed beneath their own weight.

A large archery stand was added halfway up the tree shortly after Inferni first claimed it. With its protective overhang, the archery stand boasts a small supply of supplies for the Infernian scouts: among them, arrows and a pair of spyglasses.

Hypnos Glade

Nestled in a hollow near the boundary between Arachnea's Revenge and the Waste, Hypnos Glade consists of a small patch of new growth forest and a small pond. Though extremely shallow, it is difficult to see the bottom. The water's surface is strangely reflective: the trees and hollow in the earth form a wind barrier against the bay. The surface of the tiny lake is rarely disturbed by even the slightest ripple. Herbs and plants unknown elsewhere in Inferni press close around the pond -- grapes, hazel alder, and virgin's bower are just a few of the forest species found here. English Oaks and Black Spruce trees make up the majority of the growth here, as the first species often invades post-fire.

Other Landforms

Note: These are not subterritories -- they're more like "landmarks." They do not count for earning Legionnaire's crowns, etc.

Five Islands

A cluster of five islands sits off the coast of Charon's landing. The small islands -- Moose, Diamond, Long, Egg, and Pinnacle -- are each unique.

  • Diamond is a medium-sized island, somewhere between Long and Egg. The most inland of the islands, Diamond hosts several small sea-shacks. They're in far better shape than the cottage on Long, thanks to their more inland situation.
  • Egg is an oval-shaped island with the starkest cliffs, approachable only from a bayside access. Landing on its shores is possible during the low tide, but the access is still a climb. Some of the deer from Moose have migrated to Egg, apparently, for it boasts its own tiny population of prey.
  • Pinnacle is notable only for the large flock of gulls and sea-birds that call it home. Little more than ten pines on a barren rock, it is otherwise unremarkable.
  • Long is another large island, the outermost barrier against the bay. An eccentric man -- likely the same as who built the D'Neville, thanks to their similar styles -- built a beach house on the island. It stands in utter disarray, battered by the currents and elements on the sparse island, which lacks vegetation. During storms and high tides, Long is almost entirely submerged -- and especially high tidal surges take the house, too. The sea cottage creaks and groans in the wind, and seems ready to collapse at any moment. The sticks and stones of other buildings' foundations, surrounding the largest, attest to the ocean's power.
  • Moose is the largest of the islands. Legend says moose used to roam here -- but they were exterminated long before Inferni came to the island. An intrepid coyote brought a trio of deer over at some point, however, and the hunting is more than just decent on the island. The problem comes in getting the kill back to the mainland: Moose is far out, and one must trek across Egg or Pinnacle and swim twice to reach it.

Rivers Acheron, Lethe, and Styx

This trio of small rivers wind their way down and into the Bay of Fundy, providing Inferni with various sources of fresh water.

Folly Lake

Crafted through glacial melting and movement, Folly Lake is surrounded by rounded, low-lying hills; in the spring and summer, a vast amount of tiny wildflowers sprout up amongst the hills. Small animals, such as mice, voles, and weasels are often found in this area. The lake itself has a pair of rotting boat launches on either end, and the remnants of stone foundations, perhaps one-time cabins.

Grotto dei Avernus

This warm hotspring sits in the center of the Waste, allowing Infernians to relax in its soothing heat.