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Completion Rules & FAQ

Aw, boo, games have rules? Unfortunately, yes! Well, in some cases. Inferni doesn't have a ton of rules regarding the game -- the Completion Rules on this page, for example, only apply in certain specific situations. Otherwise, we're pretty easy-going!

Completion Rules

Please adhere to these rules -- failure to do so will result in an appropriate consequence (e.g., your Co-Rank thread won't count, etc.). Thanks! If you have any questions about these completion rules or whether your thread must adhere to them, contact a leader.


  • Completion Rules apply to: Co-Ranks, the Level I Rex Title, certain portions of the Game, and the Thread Prompts.
  • Your thread must correctly adhere to the guidelines of whatever it is you are applying for (e.g., if you submit a thread for the Corpsman co-rank using a thread where your character learns the clan history, it doesn't count for the Corpsman co-rank).
  • If the thread dies due to inactivity, it must be the fault of your thread partner(s).
  • You have written 1,000 words for your thread. It does not matter how many posts you've made.
  • You do not have to "finish" a thread for it to count as complete, nor do you need to wait for a thread's archival to submit it.

Games F.A.Q.


Do my threads have to be archived before I can collect points?


Can I collect points for my Inferni joining thread?


Do I have to complete all of the monthly prompts to gain points?

No. Each thread prompt you complete is worth ten points. The bonus points are just that -- a bonus. If you don't finish everything, you can still submit two of three prompts for twenty points, or one of three prompts for ten points.

When should I submit my thread prompts for a particular month?

It doesn't matter. If the thread is still underway, you will still be awarded points for that thread (assuming it has progressed at least partway into doing things relevant to the thread prompt) so long as it is completed according to the above stipulations.

Do the completion rules apply to {game type}?

Unless specifically noted, no. Completion rules do not apply to the Legionnaire Crowns, for example.

How should I keep track of my points?

  • Keep a tally of the threads yourself, kept in the Post and Graphic Logs forum, a Google doc, or any other sensible, public place OR count up your points as you archive threads.
  • Always list individual posts with the word counts for each attached post. You can grab a link to your individual post by hitting the Posted button, if you didn't know how to do that before.
  • Absolutely always include a clear, correct total at the top of your game log or your Maintenance thread submission. Don't leave your math to chance.

Example of a Game Log

Please see the current game tally for further examples.

Coyote's Game Log (Total: 12 Points)
Link Description Points
viewtopic.php?t=239#p1 Voted 'Souls on 9 September 2012 1
viewtopic.php?t=52#p1 350 word post 3
viewtopic.php?t=52#p1 Replied in Questions and Help 3 Posted 'Souls advertisement 5

How should I submit points?

You have two options. You can either:

  • Post to the Inferni Maintenance as you close threads out. Players submit 5-10 threads at once and give a "grand total" of points to be added from each thread.
  • Keep a public log of points. These logs do not need to be submitted to the IF Maintenance thread repeatedly: once you give the leaders the link to your log, we'll update your tallied total periodically ourselves, without being prompted.

Can I submit points via PM or through the chat?

The Inferni Maintenance thread is the only appropriate place to submit points. Thank you!

Can I transfer points?

Inferni leadership allows members of Inferni to transfer their points under two circumstances:

  • If a player is transferring one IF character’s points to another
  • If the IF character is leaving for a new pack, or coming from a new pack