Table of Contents

Rank Advancement

Getting promoted is the epitome of awesome for some roleplayers! To others, it doesn't matter so much. We encourage you to put fun before rank -- roleplaying, creating relationships with other Infernian coyotes, and helping shape the 'Souls world is way more important than ranks! Nonetheless, the hierarchy and ranking are there for a reason. If you want to move up, read on!

Rank Swapping?

Looking for information about how to change your rank? See Ranks Overview > Immunes Ranks Choice.


  • Inferni's rank checks and promotions are performed roughly once per month.
  • Inferni's ranking policy is typically based on IC activity -- i.e., how many times you post between our activity checks decides your increase in rank.
  • Nonetheless, sometimes IC or OOC circumstances may dictate deviation from the above policy, but this is rare and usually for plot or absence related reasons.

Promotion and Demotion

These numbers are per-month and per activity sweep.

  • 0–5 posts: Your character may be demoted.
  • 6–10 posts: Your character may remain in their rank.
  • 10+ posts: Your character may be promoted.

Triumvirate Promotion

Promotion into the Triumvirate ranks requires:

  • Consistently good activity.
  • No IC disciplinary issues -- your Infernian should be loyal and respectful to the leadership (or at least not overtly display their distaste).

Leadership Promotion

Leadership is different because there's an OOC component, too. See the Leadership page for further information.


Outside of low posting activity, you may be demoted if:

  • Your character displays disrespect, aggression, derision, or other negativity toward Inferni, its membership, or its leadership ICly. Inferni is not incredibly demanding in terms of submission and respect, but hostility, disobedience, and clear disrespect are not tolerated.
  • Your character displays indifference toward Inferni and its projects -- while we do not demand extreme participation from our members, failure to show up in a mandatory thread or otherwise seeming to ignore the clan (i.e., all of one's threads take place outside of Inferni and the character has not been within the clan for some weeks) may result in demotion.

Things To Do in Inferni

Nothing here is an "in" to promotions. In fact, some of these things aren't even considered when we promote Inferni members through the hierarchy! However, all of these things can get you and your character involved in the clan. This is generally good, as it promotes participation and activity -- a definite in-road to promotion!

  • Check our Co-Rank offerings and see if any interest you!
  • If you didn't pick an Immunes rank, check out the Ranks and start thinking about it!
  • Add your character to our Member Directory on the Wiki.
  • Make other updates to any of Inferni's Wiki pages.
  • Help your fellow Inferni members earn their Crowns, Co-Ranks, Rex Titles, and other baubles. Participate and involve yourself!
  • Earn points in our Game! The game is a great way to get fancy titles, icons, and other cool things for your character.
  • Earn crowns! The Legionnaire Crowns are a special subset of the Catacombs available only for Inferni members.
  • And, of course, roleplay!
    • Create some AW (all welcome) threads in coyote territory and meet your fellow clan members!
    • Join another member's AW thread on Inferni territory, or off!
    • Pay attention to the Open Threads topic.
    • Request threads in our thread request forum or reply to the requests of others.