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Inferni has tons of Co-Ranks (almost 100!). Co-Ranks are organized according to their corresponding ranks. The Co-Ranks system ties in closely with the regular ranks system -- you'll notice the names of different Co-Ranks tiers are also our rank names!

Request Your Co-Rank

Co-Rank Rules


  • Co-Ranks may have unlimited occupants.
  • Your character can obtain any Co-Rank. Example Your character may be ranked as a Bellum, but they can take a Civilis Co-Rank. Your character may be ranked as Civilis, but they're welcome to Co-Ranks within the Sciens tier.
  • Your character can obtain unlimited Co-Ranks.
  • Co-Ranks are available to anyone except puppies (Evocati less than 7 months old). NPCs can even earn Co-Ranks (up to two)!
  • If you left less than 6 months ago, your Co-Rank(s) can be returned when you rejoin. Just re-submit your old threads.

Getting Your Co-Rank

  • Complete one thread related to the Co-Rank's responsibilities.
  • Abide the Completion Rules.
  • Only one Co-Rank can be earned per thread.


Some Co-Ranks are duties your character can perform all the time (e.g., woodcutting or gathering plants). Other Co-Ranks are highly specialized and only used at certain times (e.g., in battle). Some are very easy to earn, some require a special situation to occur.

The bolded first responsibility is the short, comprehensive description of the Co-Rank. The rest of the responsibilities are more specific. Pay attention to both the bold description and the specifics, please. Make sure the thread is covered in your desired Co-Rank's responsibilities. Example Your character adding horse-related items to the stables counts for the Stablehand rank -- but not the Groom Co-Rank, and certainly not for the Handler Co-Rank. Breaking a horse counts for the Handler rank -- but not Groom, or Stablehand Co-Rank.

Custom Co-Ranks

Still not seeing anything related to what your character does? Got a special skill so unique it needs its own place? Contact the leaders via the Inferni Maintenance thread and submit a custom co-rank request.

We'll (probably) add it to the Co-Ranks. It won't be yours as in your character is the only one allowed to hold it; it'll work like any other Co-Rank. However, we are definitely open to adding more specialized jobs to Inferni, especially when it's need-based and we already have someone with a special skill!

Co-Rank Checks

Every four months, Inferni will have a co-rank check to remove inactive co-ranks held by members. Members will need to submit one thread pertaining to each co-rank during this check to keep those co-ranks. These threads must follow normal completion rules and have taken place within the past four months (between the last check and current one).

Don't worry -- you can always earn a co-rank back later, and there is no penalty for losing one! Because they are unlimited, we want to prevent an accumulation of unused co-ranks!

Wiki Help!

Those with relevant Ranks and Co-Ranks are strongly encouraged to help update the 'Souls wiki with Inferni's items. For example, if you're the Falconer, try and keep after the Ravens page, and make sure they're listed on the page. If you're the Vaquero, make sure to update the Drifter Bay Horses page.

Why? These resources help others, and as your Co-Rank's duties are primarily IC, it'd be great to get the extra little bits of help here and there with updating these things! It is helpful to the leaders, other members of Inferni, and yourself (in the future!). Thanks for whatever you can do for Inferni!

Bellum (War)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Specialize in physical, unarmed Optime style combat, e.g. using tooth, claw, fist, and foot.
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Boxer skills.
  • Specialize in physical, unarmed Lupus style combat, e.g. using tooth, claw, and body.
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Brute skills.
  • Specialize in fighting from horseback or training of warhorses.
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Calvary skills.
  • Have expert knowledge of fighting from horseback.
  • Train suitably tempered communal horses as warhorses.
  • Specialize in fighting with bladed weapons (e.g., swords, spears, etc.).
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Gladiator skills.
  • Have expert knowledge of at least one bladed weapon.
  • Train other Infernians to use bladed weapons.
  • Specialize in fighting with blunt weapons (e.g., clubs, bats, maces, etc.).
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Brute skills.
  • Have expert knowledge of at least one blunt weapon.
  • Train other Infernians to use blunt weapons.
  • Specialize in fighting with long distance or projectile weapons (slings, bow and arrow, etc.).
  • Fight for Inferni in battle and train others in the Marksman skills.
  • Have expert knowledge of at least one projectile weapon.
  • Train other Infernians to use projectile weapons.
  • Maintain the archery stands and archery stockpiles.
  • Train coyotes in arrow-making, bow-making, and other related skills.
  • Ensure the maintenance of the archery stands.
  • Ensure supplies of bows, arrows, bowstrings, arrowheads, practice targets, and all other relevant archery supplies.
  • Skilled in the use of poisons against enemies.
  • Maintain a stockpile of poison ingredients and poisons.
  • Use weapon-applied poisons (e.g., wiped onto a dagger), area-deployed poisons (e.g., a noxious cayenne pepper cloud), or secretive (e.g., slipped into food) poisons.
  • Maintain the armory, weapon stockpiles, and training grounds.
  • Maintain Inferni's training grounds.
  • Make sure no one seriously injures another on purpose in the training grounds.
  • Guard and protect fellow Infernians.
  • Accompany Inferni members where requested (e.g., visiting another pack, protecting a traveler, etc.).
  • Protect the Inferni leadership in battle situations.
  • Prosecute any crimes committed by an Infernian against another Infernian as requested by the Legatus.
  • Stockpile items useful for capturing criminals (ropes, handcuffs, etc.).
  • Guard captured canines during wartime.
  • Ensure there's an area in Inferni where any captives can be held securely.
  • Stockpile items useful for holding captives (ropes, food, etc.).
  • Execute criminals and prisoners as requested by the leadership.
  • Keep a blade solely for the purpose of executions.
  • Show respect for the condemned, prisoners, the weak, etc.
  • Use sound (horns, howls) for a variety of purposes.
  • Use your skills to direct Infernians in battle, where needed. Outside of battle, use sound to help in the training grounds (signalling the start or end of a match, for instance) or for purposes of announcement (e.g., summoning the leaders).
  • Keep a horn or hone your howling skills.

Sanitas (Health)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Heal with a focus on physical injury (e.g., broken bones, wounds).
  • Train other coyotes in caring for the wounded.
  • Stockpile medicinal items within the Hospital House.
  • Heal with a focus on illness (e.g., colds, infections).
  • Train other coyotes in caring for the sick.
  • Stockpile medicinal items within the Hospital House.
  • Tend the pregnant, assist in births, and mentor new mothers.
  • Train other coyotes in the midwifery skill.
  • Stockpile medicinal items within the Hospital House.
  • Cultivate, forage for, and use medicinal plants.
  • Turn raw plant materials into useful medicine (e.g., salves or pastes).
  • Train others in medicinal plant knowledge (identification, use, etc.).
  • Cultivate domestic and forage for wild flowers of a useful nature (whether aesthetic or functional).
  • Add new plants to the Inferni's stores.
  • Cultivate plants.
  • Cultivate and forage for wild plants areas beyond the greenhouse and Garden.
  • Find wild plant growth to harvest for the livestock.
  • Find pasture suitable for horses and sheep on and near Inferni land.
  • Have strong knowledge of local wild plants.
  • Cultivate and care for Inferni's domestic and wild woody plants (trees, shrubbery, etc.).
  • Find and harvest wild tree growth (e.g., apples).
  • Have strong knowledge of local wild trees and their care.
  • Cultivate domestic plants and forage for wild plants where they are spices, ingredients, and other edible or scented things.
  • Stockpile raw dried spices or create new spices from combining herbs.
  • Process raw plants into dried goods suitable for long-term storage.
  • Stockpile items useful for processing (mortar and pestle, grindstones, containers, etc.).
  • Prepare breads, biscuits, and other baked goods for Infernians.
  • Stockpile spices, ingredients, dried foods, etc.
  • Help especially with the feeding of the ravens and other animals (Luperci can't eat a ton of bread!).
  • Prepare meals for Infernians (e.g., bringing it around to the caves, etc.).
  • Stockpile spices, ingredients, dried foods, etc.
  • Assist the Healers and Nurses with meals for the wounded and sick.
  • Hunt large game (e.g., deer, elk).
  • Maintain knowledge of local wild herd movements.
  • Organize larger hunts between Inferni members.
  • Hunt using small traps.
  • Construct and maintain small traps for prey.
  • Stockpile items useful in creating traps (e.g., rope, snare wire, etc.).
  • Contribute useful mobile traps to the communal storage.
  • Fish Inferni's oceans, rivers, lakes, and ponds.
  • Stockpile items useful in fishing (e.g., bags to hold clams or landed fish, fishing line, bait, etc.).
  • Maintain knowledge regarding fish, clams, oysters, and anything else edible that comes out of the water.

Fera (Livestock)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Care for Inferni's communal horses.
  • Add new horses via capture, trading, etc.
  • Maintain the health (feeding, monitoring for injury and illness, etc.) of the communal horses.
  • Know the personalities the communal horses (e.g., whether they're appropriate for beginning, intermediate, or advanced riders) and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Maintain Inferni's communally shared horse gear and stables
  • Maintain stocks of saddles, bridles, reins, ropes, etc.
  • Assist others in obtaining or creating gear appropriate to horse and rider.
  • Train Inferni's horses.
  • Understand the basics of domesticating wild horses.
  • Understand training, horse behavior, etc.
  • Train the communal horses and assist Infernians in breaking and training personal horses.
  • Use Inferni's cart and train horses to pull.
  • Use Inferni's cart to transport goods where needed (e.g., to trade at the Outpost or another pack).
  • Train horses in pulling carts.
  • Specialize in animal husbandry and related pursuits.
  • Determine good pairings for Inferni's animals, and produce viable offspring.
  • Determine which male animals should not breed and geld/castrate them.
  • Care for the Inferni ravens.
  • Learn the Low Speech of the ravens.
  • Train any especially intelligent ravens in scouting and reporting.
  • Deliver food to the ravens whenever possible.
  • Care for Inferni's sheep herd.
  • Add new sheep via capture, trading, etc.
  • Cull male lambs, injured or ill animals, and other undesirable animals (trade them, hand them over to a Cook, etc.) to reduce competition and ensure the herd's stability and health.
  • Assist in the annual sheep-shearing.
  • Care for Inferni's rabbits, both wild and domesticated.
  • Trap wild rabbits for Inferni's rabbit-taming pursuits.
  • Provide food (carrots, apples, fruit, grains) for the rabbits.
  • Care for all other domestic animals save the horses (Groom, Rancher), sheep (Shepherd), and rabbits (Warrener).
  • Feed and groom any animals not cared for personally by members.
  • Heal and attend the health of Inferni's various animals.
  • Stockpile items relevant for veterinary work (towels, restraints, herbs, etc.).

Mercatura (Goods)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Maintain trade relationships between Inferni and other packs, places, and individuals.
  • Take advantage of trade opportunities with other packs and individuals.
  • Maintain knowledge of areas where trade can be had.
  • Maintain Inferni's communal stock of trade goods (adding and removing, etc.).
  • Maintain any roofs in Inferni, and create new roofs for any new buildings.
  • Stockpile items useful to your trade (e.g., scythes, raw materials, etc.).
  • Maintain structures on Inferni.
  • Construct new buildings on Inferni territory.
  • Create small carpentry (e.g., furniture/storage crafting, weapons handle crafting, etc.).
  • Stockpile good wood, tools, etc. for repairs.
  • Create small carpentry items for Inferni.
  • Create and repair Inferni's fences on Inferni land (e.g., around the garden, around corrals, etc.).
  • Maintain knowledge of fence-building techniques and which are appropriate for what purposes.
  • Construct defensive fences and blockades in times of war.
  • Cut wood for Inferni's various uses (fire, building, etc.).
  • Know what kinds of wood are good for building, small projects, etc.
  • Stockpile tools (axes, toolbelts, etc.) and wood.
  • Maintain the Inferni communal storage area.
  • Ascertain coyotes are taking and giving to the storage appropriately and prevent abuse/thievery of the communal storage.
  • Skilled in crafting ropes, tying knots, etc.
  • Stockpile goods useful to your trade (e.g., rope, fibers, knives, etc.).
  • Skilled in crafting small items of any sort.
  • Stockpile goods useful to crafting.
  • Create small crafts and items of any sort (e.g., jewelery, decorative items, artistic items, etc.).
  • Skilled in cleaning and scouring, then combing raw, shorn sheep's fleece into usable raw materials.
  • Stockpile combing implements (buckets, soaps, brushes, hooks).
  • Skilled in creating cloth/yarn/thread and fabrics.
  • Stockpile weaving implements (loom, yarn, threads, raw materials).
  • Skilled in creating dyes and dyeing a variety of items.
  • Stockpile dyeing implements (raw materials, dyes, brushes, cloths for protection and clean-up).
  • Skilled in sewing, repairing fabrics, or creating articles of clothing.
  • Stockpile sewing implements (needles, threads, spare fabric/leather/etc.).
  • Stockpile useful sewn items (bandages, carrying bags, belts, etc.).
  • Skilled in curing leather or crafting leather into useful items.
  • Stockpile leathercrafting goods (knives, stones, tanning rack, etc.).
  • Stockpile useful leather items (leather sheets, parchment, leather strips, etc.)
  • Skilled in skinning animals, curing pelts, and removing fur for leather production.
  • Stockpile cured pelts.
  • Stockpile useful trade items (scraping stones, knives, etc.).
  • Skilled in various means of scavenging, working, or repurposing metal.
  • Maintain a stockpile of useful metal items (gathered/scavenged pieces, created pieces, etc.)
  • Assist in the crafting of items from metal.
  • Skilled in scavenging goods and items from human ruins.
  • Maintain a stockpile of useful scavenged items (jars, metal bits, whatever!).
  • Assist others in learning how to safely scavenge, what to look for, where to find it, etc.
  • Skilled in creation of intoxicants.
  • Maintain a stockpile of intoxicants (e.g., brewing alcohol, harvesting marijuana, etc.).
  • Skilled in creating items that provide light (e.g., fire, candles, torches, lanterns).
  • Maintain a stockpile of items useful in creating light (e.g., tallow or wax for candles, torch sticks, wicks, etc.)
  • Digs things (ditches, pits, traps) for Inferni where needed.
  • Maintain a stockpile of items useful in your treade (e.g., shoves, spades, hoes, etc.).
  • Maintain peak physical condition to ensure productive work.

Civilis (Social)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Act as a spiritual leader and guide for Infernians of various faiths and beliefs.
  • Be comfortable speaking to all Infernians regarding their problems and issues.
  • Keep an open mind about various religions and beliefs.
  • Assist newcomers in acclimating themselves to Inferni's territory, culture, etc.
  • Help new coyotes get settled (i.e., find a residence, know where to go for food, where to find the leaders, etc.).
  • Be friendly and outgoing toward new Infernians.
  • Skilled in linguistic pursuits and able to translate and speak various languages.
  • Understand as many foreign High Speech languages as possible.
  • Display at least a rudimentary talent for low speech tongues.
  • Be able to read and write in English.
  • Historians, generally capable of both reading and writing.
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of Inferni's history.
  • Upkeep Inferni's historical documents.
  • Share Inferni's history with others of the clan.
  • Teachers and learners.
  • Be able to read and write in English.
  • Maintain the Inferni library (a very limited supply of books)
  • Assist other Inferni members with their scholarly pursuits (learning to read, write, etc.).
  • Create and craft images and visuals related to Inferni.
  • Maintain scent markings and other visual markers of Inferni's borders (skulls, etc.).
  • Be knowledgeable about Inferni's various images -- skulls, fire, the Chaos star, etc.
  • Stockpile items useful to the maintenance of Inferni's border decor (e.g., paint, skulls, leather, stakes, etc.).
  • Create and craft artwork, sculptures, and other beautiful visuals.
  • Stockpile items useful for creating artwork (e.g., paper, charcoal, paints, etc.).
  • Create and craft body modifications of all sorts (e.g., haircuts, tattoos, scars, piercings).
  • Stockpile items useful for your trade (e.g., needles, dyes, blades, etc.).
  • Maintain good morale in Inferni through playfulness.
  • Tell jokes and initiate play etc. to boost the morale of the clan.
  • Help Inferni members struggling with personal issues.
  • Maintain good morale and upkeep Inferni's history through stories and songs.
  • Tell stories, tales, etc. and sing songs. Playing an instrument helps, but is optional.
  • Maintain Inferni's history through stories and tales (e.g., make it more interesting than the dusty history book!).
  • Maintain good morale in Inferni through performing arts (e.g., music, dance).
  • Play music, dance, perform tricks, etc. to entertain your clanmates.
  • Collaborate with other performers to create a show at Inferni events.
  • Care for Inferni's puppies and children.
  • Introduce clan youths to Infernian ideals and lifestyle.
  • Teach young Inferni coyotes life skills.
  • Settle disputes, disagreements, and arguments through intelligence, charisma, and persuasion.
  • Settle disputes amiably and using non-violent means.
  • Report any disputes to the Inferni leadership.
  • Prepare and bury the dead.
  • Maintain an open mind and work to fulfill an Infernian's funerary wishes, regardless of their beliefs.
  • Stockpile implements useful in your trade (embalming tools, pyre tools, etc.).

Sciens (Tactician)

Rank Responsibilities
  • Attend diplomatic relations between Inferni and foreign packs.
  • Be aware of Inferni's political standing with other packs.
  • Work to advance (or maintain) Inferni's current standing with foreign packs.
  • Skilled in scent trailing.
  • Find missing Infernians, criminals, trespassers, and anyone else where necessary.
  • Skilled in directions and distance travel.
  • Lead Infernians to their desired destination, where necessary/required.
  • Use Inferni's ravens for spying and scouting.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of the ravens -- their personalities, preferences, etc.
  • Learn the ravens' low speech.
  • Maintain Inferni's border security by patrolling and scouting.
  • Attend to trespassers where possible.
  • Take special interest in greeting newcomers.
  • Patrol and scout Inferni at night.
  • Patrol the border and areas where canines live (e.g., D'Neville Mansion, Grimwell, Great Village) to make sure no trouble visits Inferni in the night.
  • Spy on other packs and groups.
  • Maintain knowledge of other packs and groups through secretive means.
  • Report information to the Inferni leadership.
  • Maintain knowledge of Inferni's community and individuals.
  • "Spy" on Inferni's coyotes: be aware of any gossip going around, and take a special interest in any suspicious characters who show up.
  • Report information to the Inferni leadership.
  • Deliver messages between Infernians, or from the leaders to troops in times of battle.
  • Maintain ability to move quickly over terrain -- sneaking past enemies, if necessary!
  • Reading and writing skills are helpful, but not necessarily required.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of traveling around Inferni (the easiest/best way to get somewhere; secret routes, etc.).
  • Maintain any paths through Inferni: e.g., the most often traveled ways between the caverns, through the mountains, and caves.
  • Maintain strong knowledge of Inferni's forested areas (e.g., The Haunted Forest).
  • Patrol and scout the border in the forested areas.
  • Maintain knowledge of prey animals, herd movements, etc. within the forested areas.
  • Patrol and scout the border in the field areas.
  • Maintain knowledge of prey animals, herd movements, etc. within the field areas.