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Inferni has been an active group since 2002 -- we'd love for you to come and make 'Souls history with us! Thank you for considering the coyote clan!

If you haven't seen them, our Adoptable Characters may interest you. These awesome coyotes are waiting for a roleplayer. You can start your character with existing Inferni friendship, family, or even enemies!

Species Restrictions

Your character may join Inferni:

  • If they are >33% coyote. See the Coyotes page for a percentage guide.
  • OR If they are:
    • Between 10-32% coyote
    • AND have a direct relation (parent, sibling, child) in good standing with an active Infernian. Example: Coyote promised to care for his 15% coyote half-brother, Wolf; this is acceptable. Coyote's other half-brother Jackal is 25% coyote, but is a jerk and has a very poor relationship with Coyote; this latter situation is less acceptable.
  • OR as an Outsider in certain circumstances.


Inferni's Joining Form

When starting your joining thread, please include the following information:

  • Your characters' precise species and species percentages
  • Your desired Immunes rank(s), if known*
  • Your characters' cNPC, if applicable
  • Your characters' animal NPCs, if applicable

* If you don't know right away, don't worry. You can reply to the Inferni Maintenance thread and provide this information later, when you're more knowledgeable about the ranks.

Awesome Adoptables

Pick up an Open Character! These characters often come with awesome art, potential plots, friends and family, and many other advantages. You also get game points just for picking one up!

IC Joining Only

Inferni only allows IC joining. The natural exception is for NPCs already ranked within the clan.

No Trespassing

Do not trespass. If your canine has trespassed, consider a sincere apology (coupled with sincere, severely submissive behavior).

Ready? Join Inferni!

Automatic Joiner Acceptance

Inferni's rank system encourages any member to greet a joiner. We do realize, however, that sometimes this can result in slower joining threads. That's okay with us -- everyone should have a chance to participate! We understand that as a new member, however, you may be eager to enter Inferni and get to roleplaying, regardless of the progress of your IC joining thread. We're definitely willing to facilitate that!

We will automatically accept (almost) any joiner after one week has passed since the joining thread was posted. Exceptions may be made if, for example, your character is unlikely to be accepted to Inferni (e.g., obviously we won't automatically accept your character if they've attacked their greeter in the thread!).

If it's been more than a week since your joining thread started and we haven't automatically accepted your character, please contact us and remind us!

Please note -- you should try to continue roleplaying in your joining thread if your partner is interested in doing so. If you are completely uninterested in joining threads, please PM your partner and request an OOC ending.