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Ranks! ... Again?

Sooo... it was only a month ago we made some changes to the ranks, and we are sorry to do it again so soon thereafter! But -- we really, really think you're gonna like this!

The Ranks

The best explanation for the new ranks system, broadly, is found on the Ranks page:

Inferni's rank system is small but extremely flexible. In addition to the small, basic ranks, there are a vast number of Co-Ranks and three optional titles to earn. Whether you're not concerned with rank or if you want your character to perform a lot of different jobs, Inferni can suit your preference!

Basically, we've changed things up. The ranks are now much smaller than they were, and much smaller than any other pack's system. We've kept the basic idea: there are subordinates (Tirones), flexible ranks organized by activity (Immunes), long-time, active members (Triumvirate), and leaders (Legatus).

The biggest changes are in the Immunes tier -- instead of the 12-15 Immunes ranks we had, there are now only six ranks. These six ranks are extremely broad. Your character fits in one of these ranks somewhere, trust us! There's now:

  • Bellum (Warriors and War Preparation)
  • Sanitas (Health, Plants, Growth)
  • Fera (Livestock, Animals, Gear)
  • Civilis (Community and Social)
  • Mercatura (Goods, Items, and Production)
  • Sciens (Tactical and Scouting)

If you aren't sure specifically what's covered by one of these six ranks... well, that's where the next part comes in!

The Co-Ranks

A bigger change than the ranks -- we've completely revamped our Co-Ranks system. The Co-Ranks are also organized by tiers -- tiers that reflect our six Immunes ranks! Beneath each tier, there are at least 10 very specific jobs and tasks your character can perform. We have almost a hundred Co-Ranks (seriously)! Your character can earn an unlimited number of Co-Ranks, and they're quite easy to earn!

Other Changes

  • Immunes Titles have been renamed to Rex Titles. Some of their challenges have been changed: if you were already in the process of completing a challenge, you can either complete it the old way, or you can complete it the new way. Your choice! We've also added some seriously cool In Character rewards for the Rex titles, complete with adorable Razedoodles. ♥!!!
  • We've removed the requirement that your character needs Rex (Immunes) II to get into the Triumvirate. The Inferni ranks are, Legatus ranks aside, 100% activity based!

So, I'm a current member... where did I end up?

We tried to rank you where we thought your character fits best. O: Please feel free to request your rank changed in the Inferni Maintenance thread. As under the old Immunes ranks, you are free to switch your rank for any reason, at any time, and without doing anything other than asking us. :)