Table of Contents

Ranks Overhaul!

SO, big changes to the Immunes ranks and the ranks pages on the website. Don't worry -- there's not too much that's different! We haven't changed the essential structure of Inferni's ranks, so no re-learning a whole new system. ;)

Immunes Ranks Changes

We've gotten rid of the Rorarium, Sepsari, and Tribunus Immunes ranks. Their duties have been rolled into other, similar Immunes ranks. This should hopefully simplify things somewhat -- fifteen ranks is a lot! Twelve is much better! Again, we haven't lost any duties or anything -- you'll still find guard and messenger duties in the Militum and the Scorpius ranks, respectively.

For the Sepsari rank -- the Imperi (general trainee) rank is now where canines who are uncertain or so specialized they don't fit elsewhere should go. We've done away with the idea of a "blank" in the ranks, however. Sorry!

Last and not least, the biggest change -- we are no longer limiting the number of canines who can hold an Immunes rank. Multiple (infinite!) canines can now hold the Hydrum rank, for instance -- or the Scorpius rank.

We may make further adjustments as needed -- possibly broadening some of the ranks, or doing away with even more Immunes ranks for a simpler system -- so keep your eyes peeled, and please do feel free to offer feedback and suggestions, as always.

Wanna Swap Ranks?

Go for it! Let us know in the Maintenance thread. We are no longer tracking rank preferences. It's up to you to let us know when/if you want a change. Otherwise, we'll keep you at the Imperi rank. O:

Ranks Pages Changes

Secondly, we've altered the structure of the ranks pages on the website. We've moved the Rank Advancement pages from beneath our Policies section to the Ranks section. We've also separated the Immunes Titles out into their own page. Most importantly, however -- the Ranks page itself is now a broad overview of the ranks, whereas rank descriptions (and helpful hints as to what counts for their duties!) have been moved over to the Rank Descriptions page.

We hope this makes things easier to digest! We'd also like to thank our two helpers, Sylvey and Owl, for giving us a hand with this overhaul! Please keep your eyes peeled for any outdated links on the Inferni website, maintenance thread, ranks, etc. Thank you, Inferni, and stay awesome!