Table of Contents

Ranks and Joining Percentage Changes

  • Some Joining changes. Canines of 10-32% coyote heritage and a nuclear family member within the clan are permitted to join.
  • Major changes to the Ranks section -- kind of.
    • Our Immunes ranks have a neat reorganization going on: the only major change is the swapping of the Praefectus rank for the Imperi rank. Otherwise, ranks still have the same "root word" as they did before: for example, Sepsarii became Sepsari, Hydra became Hydrum, etc. We hope you enjoy this change: it should make things a little more organized, as all ranks beneath a given tier now all have the same suffix.
    • Changes to our Immunes Titles. We've done away with named ranks, and now simply have Roman numerals in place of the names. Additionally, means of earning both the Level II and Level II titles were altered, hopefully making things easier! If you are currently ranked Amici (Level II): you are free to claim the Level III title by either the old (accept two Joiners) or new means, whichever is your preference. Any new/incoming Level II Immunes must earn the third level via the new method.