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The Inferni calendar is here! This is a collaborative tool meant to facilitate collaboration between Inferni members and leadership as far as plots, dates, contests, etc. Inferni members can refer to the calendar to check upcoming events -- and even add their own events!

Using the Calendar

Adding an Event

Be aware, users will be able to see the @gmail Google account you used to add the event to the calendar. If you do not want anyone knowing your personal Google account, create a separate Google account just for 'Souls stuff.

  • Go to
  • Create a new event on your desired date by clicking on that date.
  • Click Edit Event to get more options.
  • Click into the Add Guests textbox. Type
  • Click the E-mail Guests link.
  • Type a Message to us -- just be brief and explain what the plot is about.
  • Send your message, go back to the first page, and Save your event (red button at the top).

Guidelines for Addition

  • Please only add events you want multiple Inferni members to attend. A single thread for yourself and another Infernian, disconnected from any plot, does not belong on the Calendar. This is a collaborative tool!
  • If you're planning a major event, such as a large plot, please PM the leaders to discuss your plot first, before adding it to the Calendar. Thanks!

The Calendar