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Wiki Updates

Not really a website update, but close enough. >_>

  • The Member Directory has become the Active Character Directory. Only active characters go here now.
  • The former Animal NPC Directory has become the NPC Directory, listing all aNPC, yNPC, cNPC, and pNPC characters. Additionally, Off-Board pNPCs can now be found listed on this directory. This provides a way for your character to have heard of Inferni prior to actually coming to Inferni. Whee!
  • We now have a fancy Adoptables Directory, including two separate sections -- one with a simple text list and one with big shiny pictures -- to advertise your adoptables. If you look closely, you'll even find an extension of the Inferni game buried on that there page. ;>
  • Lastly, our Animals Directory got a revamp. We are no longer listing personal animals. If you had any code/information that was not reflected elsewhere, it's been reposted to the Pack News forum for you.
  • Not quite as new as the other changes, we also added a Trading and Trades page!