Table of Contents

Website Revamp

  • New website theme, obviously. Kiriska provided the artwork, of course.
    • Most important about this theme (I think, anyway): the drop-down menu will allow direct access from one area to the site to the other. You won't need to go under Policies to see the Joining page if you're on the Territory page anymore -- you can jump straight from Territory to Joining. Awesome!
    • The search box is up in the upper right corner, and expands/disappears as needed.
    • Handy back-to-the-top that scrolls with you as you go down the page and disappears when you get to the top.
    • Lots of helpful links in the footer now, along with a Twitter feed.
    • New layout on the index page -- makes information easier to see, I think?
  • Artwork gallery was moved to the Wiki to allow members ease of updating.
  • Some information was shuffled. For example, all information pertaining to leadership (rank descriptions and how to get promoted to leadership) can be found on the Leadership page.
  • A lot of information was spruced, cleaned, and otherwise made nice!
  • New Links Hub page. Hoorah!